KFC – I want to reach 9th grade KFC – I want to reach 9th grade

KFC – I want to reach 9th grade

‘I want to reach 9th grade’ is a project meant for children in rural areas who leave school too early. World Vision Romania had the initiative to create this project to encourage the harmonious social development of young people.

Thus, over 120 children are being supported by KFC and Pizza Hut annually, through a system of monthly scholarships which allow them to continue studying in high school.

The programme has at its core a set of selection criteria and the scholarships cover necessary school expenses and give them access to a better life. Also, the programme provides them with educational and social activities they may not have otherwise been able to access: summer camps, individual counselling, support with adapting to the new school environment and career guidance.

The campaign grew with each edition, both in terms of allocated resources and results. For the 2019 edition of the programme, KFC and Pizza Hut donated to World Vision Romania the amount of EUR 140,000.

From 2008 until the present, over 1,300 students were supported through the programme and over EUR 800,000 were donated.

For more details regarding the support actions for children and students please access the website.