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Press release – Sphera Franchise Group initiates Environmental Manifesto, together with Reciclad’OR

Sphera Franchise Group (SFG), the largest group in the food service industry in Romania, organized a green action in Raioasa Forest (Sabareni, Ilfov) together with Reciclad’OR and Ilfov Forestry Department, Bucharest Forest District. Thus, on Wednesday, June 29, over 100 employees of the company participated in this initiative which aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing against environmental pollution. During the action, dozens of garbage bags were collected, which resulted in cleaning a large area of the forest.

Sphera Franchise Group is constantly involved in various programs and projects with a positive impact in the communities where it operates and actively contributes to the creation of volunteer opportunities for its employees, which are already a traditional practice for the Group.

“More than a green action, this initiative is a new step in a constant process of involvement in the community, as well as an effort to educate the general public, who must be aware of the effects that our actions can have on the environment. We were glad to see that so many colleagues welcomed this action and joined forces to contribute to a cleaner environment. We have been involved in social support activities for over ten years, being oriented towards the development and support of initiatives that generate a positive impact on the communities in which we operate”, stated Călin Ionescu, CEO Sphera Franchise Group.

“Sometimes, our choices have a positive impact – for example, when we decide to approach biodiversity in a sustainable way or to better protect it. Nonetheless, more and more of our actions have negative consequences. In fact, human interventions are the main cause of biodiversity loss, which we can counteract by participating in such community events and by voluntarily offering time from the employees of a company. What we have managed to do with Sphera Franchise Group is just the beginning of a long journey, which we are going to go through together with the goal to expand the initiatives nationwide, by conducting several information and awareness campaigns. Protecting biodiversity is our responsibility, of each and everyone of us” declared Diana Cîtu, CEO Reciclad`OR.

Sphera Franchise Group developed a sustainability strategy built on four pillars, based on a series of fundamental values that have given the company, over time, the leading position in the food service industry: Business (Excellence in everything we do), Products (Safe and quality products), People and Community (Social responsibility and community involvement), Environment (environmental responsibility).

Reciclad’OR is an Organization Implementing Extended Producer Liability Obligations (OIREP), and Sphera Franchise Group partners with it in the process of taking over the transfer of responsibility for recycling waste from packaging placed on the market.

Founded in 2017, Reciclad’OR is a market leader and transfer of responsibility, working with over 730 partner companies. It also implements environmental projects and public awareness actions on the importance of proper waste management, and organizes social responsibility events, such as the one in partnership with SFG.