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Sphera Franchise Group joins humanitarian efforts and donates 30,000 euro and 10,000 menus to support people affected by the crisis in Ukraine

București, 16 March 2022. Sphera Franchise Group is constantly involved in social responsibility projects, developing over time traditional partnerships with non-governmental organizations, with the aim of supporting vulnerable communities. In the current context, the Group joins humanitarian efforts to support people affected by the crisis in Ukraine and donates food and financial resources to several collaborators and partner associations, at the national level.

Thus, 20,000 euro will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Romania as part of the project developed by them to help refugees from Ukraine, which aims in the first phase to provide emergency support (accommodation, food), and, in the long term, to include them in the association programs.

Also, Sphera Franchise Group donates 10,000 euro to SOS Children’s Villages organization, alongside which, there is already a traditional partnership through the Hot Bucket project – the value of 1 leu from the sale of this product is redirected to the organization. With these funds, SOS Children’s Villages proposes a series of social initiatives, including the preparation of approximately 130 accommodation places. For these spaces, priority is given to vulnerable groups – children from SOS Ukraine, children from foster care centers in Ukraine, children accompanied by mothers, etc.

In addition, together with several associations – CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization, O Masă Caldă Cluj Association, Oradea Youth Responsibility and Development Association (ARDT), Român Bun Association and the Employers’ Organization of Hotels and Restaurants in Romania (HORA), Sphera Franchise Group makes a hot meal available to refugees in specially designed centers, offering 10,000 menus with freshly prepared products in all the restaurants in the portfolio – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

“It is in Sphera Franchise Group DNA to engage in social projects in the medium and long term, but beyond the sustained efforts of all the brands in the portfolio, this is a difficult time where we need to join forces and empower actions for the immediate relief of refugees from Ukraine.
We thus join organizations that make extraordinary efforts to carry out and support humanitarian actions by providing financial resources and products. We are confident that these aids will be effectively managed by partner organizations that have all the resources and knowledge to engage where there is urgent need.” says Călin Ionescu, CEO Sphera Franchise Group.

Beyond these actions, Sphera is working on identifying employment opportunities for people from Ukraine in its restaurants. Depending on the evolution of these efforts, the Group will return with details.